I’ve been neglecting this blog because I have been so busy at work. When I left for my trip to DC last September, I got promoted to keyholder at work. Now I am the manager. I haven’t worked there for 2 years and am already a manager. How cool is that?! I’m working everyday now from opening to closing and don’t have the time to blog. I’d missed those days where I get 2-3 days off but now the only days off I get is on the weekends and holidays when the store is close. Next day off for me is in a week when I have jury duty. When I don’t have to be at the courthouse, I’ll be at work or I will let my boss know that I just want the day off. He’ll let me off because I deserve it. I haven’t asked for a day off since last year.


I recently went to Kim’s Housewears and Gifts in San Francisco’s Japantown in search of Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. I heard that Cure Natural Aqua Gel (Japan’s favorite product for exfoliating) is so good, I wanted to try it but they didn’t sell it in stores in the States and the only way to buy it is online. I found good reviews for Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel which is similar to Cure Natural Aqua Gel (according to me) so I wanted to try that instead of buying Cure’s. Off to Japantown I went and inside Kim’s Housewear to the left when you enter is the Laneige counter. I’m not sure if they sell other Amore brands but I only see Laneige. I found my product and I see that they also have the foundation that I wanted to try but I have to try that another day. I asked the nice owner lady this is what I want. She rang me up and gave me so many samples to try. If this products works for me, I’m going back there to get the other product that is good to use after using the peeling gel.

Got these things with the $15 giftcard that Sephora sent me at the last minute. Sephora Union Square in San Francisco is out of Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero and the Naked Palette. I talked to the employee at the registers and she said they get shipments every Friday. She said that they will have the Naked Palette in January and not sure why people are going crazy over it since it is a permanent palette. I’m going to wait till January or when this craze dies down before buying it. It is a permanent palette after all.

World Series MVP

San Francisco Giants are this year’s NL Champion. On to the World Series against the Texas Rangers. First game in San Francisco on Wednesday @ 4:30pm. First pitch @ 4:57pm.

I took this picture while waiting for BART.

16th St. BART Station

This is where I got froyo.

Nubi Yogurt - my 2nd favorite yogurt shop

Took these pictures while waiting for the bus.

Canyon Market

Le P'tit Laurent


Rock It Swirl sign

Tyger's - the best breakfast place in Glen Park